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Welcome to Issue 176 of the Newsletter!

Check out this week's deals, coupons and freebies below!


Popular Deals
6508 Winter Jacket Clearance - Save Up to 50%
Free 3D Glasses from Canada Post to Watch CBC’s new 3D Documentary about Queen Elizabeth
Canadian Tire: Cuisinart 5” Forged Santoku Knife $5.99, Hamilton Beach 12-cup Coffeemaker $39.99
Free 10x13” Portrait from Sears Portrait Studio (Plus No Sitting Fee)
Dell 11 Days of Deals: September 7-17
Long Weekend Sale at, Ends September 8th
Free Samples of Crystal Light Low Calorie Drink Mix
Free Samples of Jon Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo/Conditioner, and Gel Creme
4492 Clearance Sale - Hats Start at $6
Club Monaco Summer Clearance Sale - Up to 70% Off
Lululemon Warehouse Sale: Hamilton Convention Centre, September 30-October 3!
Cineplex Theatres Classic Film Screenings for $5 - Casablanca, Psycho, It’s a Wonderful Life & More
Receive the Toronto Star Saturday Edition Free for Three Months (Ontario)
Acer Atom N450 Netbook w/6-Cell Battery $230, Philips 40” 240Hz LCD TV $600
Limited Edition Saskatchewan Roughriders Loonies - 5 Packs are $5 w/Free Shipping
Back to School: Sony Alarm Clock for $14 with Free Shipping
10 Free Songs on iTunes from Lilith Fair Performers Editor's Picks

Image Creative Vado 640x480 Pocket Video Cam $50, Samsung B/W Laser Printer $70...
TigerDirect has some interesting deals with free shipping right now. The Creative Vado Pocket Camera at $49.99 can record up to 2 hours of video at 640x480 resolution. It doesn't shoot in high definition, but it's $49.99 with free shipping -- a nice deal if you just want to have an inexpensive camcorder on hand to catch things on video. - Andrew


New Coupons from Empire Theatres: Buy One/Get One Admission and $9.99 for Admission & Snack Combo
There are some really good deals available here! And best of all, you can print the coupons from your computer or get them delivered directly to your mobile phone. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go stare at George Clooney. - Kate

Image (US): Save Up to 50% With Unpublished Hotel Rates
It's great to see that Expedia is now offering a blind-booking option like other major travel sites (Priceline and Hotwire for example). Booking hotel stays this way can translate to major savings on travel, and major savings on travel means you can afford to go away more, and stay for longer. Ouch! I think the travel bug just bit me again. - Amanda

JYSK Bedroom Event Savings + 15% Off Online Purchases
Some competition for Ikea in the budget furniture department! There's a Queen bed package with bed frame, mattress, and comforter for $499 plus 15% off. You'll have to hurry up and shop, though -- the deal ends September 8. - Derek

Image's Deal of the Day is almost here! In anticipation of its launch, we're excited to announce the Savvy Saver Contest! You have a chance to win up to $10,000 (and if you refer the winner, you receive $5,000)!
Click here to enter now!
Read the full contest rules here.

@ HQ

Back to School Giveaways may be over, but there are still plenty of back to school deals that are running. If you're still looking for school supplies, a laptop, or perhaps a new wardrobe, be sure to have a look.

All the best,
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Normal is Broke

Living With A Chain

How to Get a Job when No One is Hiring

When the jobs are hidden

To get a job, you have to find the openings that no one's advertising, and really impress your potential employer.

By Jia Lynn Yang, writer-reporter

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- David Perry, a longtime headhunter, says you're wasting your time if you're looking for job postings online. And he should know: he's often the guy on the other side helping companies lure new talent. Perry, who's based in Ottawa, says that in the last 22 years he has accomplished 996 searches totaling $172 million in salary. And the bottom line in today's economy, he says, is you have to tap the "hidden job market."

Perry's also the co-author of "Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters" and he recently spoke with Fortune.

What's the "hidden job market"?

When companies say, 'We have a hiring freeze,' that doesn't mean they're not hiring. It just means they're not adding headcount. Every year there's 20-25% turn over. So in a 1,000-person company, 200 or 250 people are going to turn over, either through attrition, or someone moves. Those companies are still hiring but they don't want to tell you.

So how do you find these jobs?

What you have to do in a recession is map your skills to employers to where you know they have a problem you can solve. My advice to job hunters is pick 10 to 20 companies, no more, and pick companies you're interested in, and that you think you can add value to. That requires researching companies, and so that list may take you two weeks. If you're trying to crack the hidden job market and you know the job position you want reports to vice president, find that vice president on LinkedIn and look at his profile to see who else he's connected to and go ask them, 'What's this guy like to work for?' Do the research before you even pick up the phone.

How can you get someone's attention?

We can go into billboards, sandwiches - that stuff only works once. It's only for one person who figures it out once, once in a city. If you're looking for fun stuff, we have this thing called the coffee cup caper, 30% of the time it will result in an interview. You send an employer a coffee cup with a little $5 swipe card with a little note that says, I'd like to get together and talk with you over coffee. I'll be calling soon. And you send it by U.S. post two day delivery, and that gets registered. So when they've signed for it, you wait about 20 minutes and then you call them. And then you go, Hi, I know you just got my package.' You're proving you're imaginative and creative.

What something people should avoid during a job interview?

This drives me insane: I've seen people mentally deciding in the interview whether they want the job. That's the last place to decide. You go into an interview, and you sell like your life depends on it. You've got to get the job first. I've seen it thousands of times. There's this point in the interview, where people go 'Hmm, do I really want this? You can see their body change. The employer picks it up and it's gone. If the employer is telling you, 'I love you,' and you're not saying 'I love you too,' it's over with.

How about following up afterwards?

If you really like the opportunity, don't go home and write thank you very much. Go back and write a letter that says, upon further reflection of what we were talking about, here's what I bring to the table, here's how I see myself fitting into the organization, including a 30-60-90 day plan.

How can someone attract a recruiter's attention?

You have to go to ZoomInfo and LinkedIn and create a profile. All corporate recruiters and probably 20% of the headhunters in America have ZoomInfo accounts. When we start a search, companies aren't going to advertise. The headhunter goes to ZoomInfo, types in requirements that we need, like skillset, degree, city, functional title, and up will come anywhere from a hundred to several thousand people who fit that criteria. Then we go to LinkedIn and run the same search. If you're in ZoomInfo with a picture, we're going to call you first. Just reverse engineer what recruiters are doing so you get found.

How can you really impress a potential employer?

It hasn't worked in years just to bring in your resume, except only in the most junior positions. I concentrate on directors to CEOs, and the last interview for us regardless is always a Power Point presentation of what you've learned, pain points, and how you intend to fix that. Everyone talks about being a great leader and great communicator, so prove it. Don't go into an interview and treat it like it's just another business meeting. Your career is your biggest asset now - because it's certainly not your house. To top of page


August 2008 Dave Ramsey on Barack Obama

This was aired in August 2008. So was Dave right???